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  1. 27/8 14:58 juventino27: is ther somme one ?
  2. 27/8 14:57 juventino27: hi every body
  3. 13/4 12:49 Putu Maliq: i'm from indonesia
  4. 13/4 12:48 Putu Maliq: please.,follow @putumaliqs
  5. 13/4 12:47 Putu Maliq: Hey Guys....my name is putu maliq
  6. 24/12 20:22 Maurotaurox: Hey guys, Merry Christmas http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XiSPNaQNGOY
  7. 17/12 13:12 Maurotaurox: Keep the pms going guys, keep me updated, I will add you to the group as soon as I see the message.
  8. 15/12 17:09 bianconero30: I just sent you a PM mauro
  9. 8/12 21:07 Maurotaurox: PM me or email me at mferrato11@hotmail.com but please get whatsapp and tell me.
  10. 8/12 21:07 Maurotaurox: Everyone here, get whatsapp and let me know!
  11. 11/11 8:51 Arturo Vidal: HIYA ALL!
  12. 1/10 16:00 aaron792: Good win against Turin, but sad injury to Tevez.
  13. 23/9 12:25 Arturo Vidal: Hello everyone!
  14. 7/9 15:58 juventino27: hi every body,i am new,i am from algeria.i hope that its not serious for vucinic,because for me he still yhe best player of the front attack even with the comming of tevez.
  15. 20/8 0:20 juvefan4life: Helloooo!!!??! Where is everyone? I miss you guys!!
  16. 12/8 21:56 7amood11: That's good to hear. Will it be up and running before the start of the new Serie A season?
  17. 11/8 20:27 projoe: havent been online in ages ever!
  18. 31/7 20:32 Maurotaurox: Guys, we are currently working hard on the new website. It will be up soon. We've also changed the name of the community to Juventus Network. More updates coming soon!
  19. 26/6 23:22 juvefan4life: Congrats on Tevez guys! Hope he honors the number given to him.
  20. 24/6 3:18 Arturo Vidal: Good morning :)
  21. 3/6 2:03 aaron792: Good morning, everybody~
  22. 20/5 12:28 juvefan4life: i havent been online for a long time either :milito:
  23. 20/5 12:27 juvefan4life: I haven :milito:
  24. 10/5 13:45 aaron792: This is the first time that I can log on in 14 days~ :(
  25. 9/5 18:01 Mole_Bianconeri: Whenever i log on, there is never anyone on :( i miss you guys :milito:
  26. 6/5 18:37 Giuvitojuve: Yes. Yes we will.
  27. 6/5 17:41 bianconero30: congrats boys!! hope we will be reunited in a better site to celebrate our 32nd scudetto
  28. 6/5 16:17 Giuvitojuve: I am exhausted. Been celebrating for hours. Only took a break for Game of Thrones.
  29. 6/5 16:16 Giuvitojuve: Finally stopped drinking since last night.
  31. 5/5 15:48 Arturo Vidal: 45 minutes to go...
  32. 23/4 1:46 aaron792: Thanks, bro~ :)
  33. 22/4 16:49 Giuvitojuve: Aaron, I almost immediately thought of you when I heard. I know you're in Jingzhou and not Sichuan, but still. I'm glad to see you're okay, and my sincerest and deepest condolences for the tragedy that has hit your nation.
  34. 22/4 9:31 aaron792: Thanks for Juve's condolence for our recent earthquake. This season is almost over. Perhaps we should start considering summer transfer campaign.
  35. 14/4 11:33 Maurotaurox: May God bless Venezuela today.
  36. 12/4 0:12 Il Metronomo: P.S. Send us Isla and Marrone if you're going to play freaking Giaccherini over him in the middle. Isla's wasted out wide. #justiceformauricio
  37. 12/4 0:12 Il Metronomo: Just wanted to say that even though you crashed out, you had a great campaign for a club that had been out of the Champions League for so long. Just like Dortmund, you'll learn from the loss and come back even stronger.
  38. 10/4 23:35 forzajuve123: Mixing work and Juve is hell. Most of the time I have to watch recordings of games as my shifts always seem to be when we play. But I suppose it doesn't help that often I only get 1 day off a week :L
  39. 11/4 0:00 Mr.Mustachio!: The same really :lol: , just trying to mix work, a social life and Juve which, as you probably know, is tougher than you'd think! Much less time on my hands these days sadly, hence why I haven't posted in ages.
  40. 10/4 22:54 forzajuve123: I'm good man, just been working pretty much all the time these days. Anytime not spent at work I spend in the gym/eating or sleeping. Yourself?
  41. 10/4 22:52 forzajuve123: I don't think more creativity in attack is needed. Gio and Vuci can create plenty if paired with the right prima punta and given support from midfield
  42. 10/4 23:44 Mr.Mustachio!: Btw how you doing mate? It's been ages! :myhat:
  43. 10/4 23:42 Mr.Mustachio!: I wouldn't disagree, but with Llorente already in the bag at zero cost I feel another more creative striker should be a priority, along with a natural LWB so Asamoah can come into CM. Llorente/Matri + Vucinic/Gio/Mr.X should prove to be an improvement not only in quality but also in flexibi
  44. 10/4 22:26 forzajuve123: Don't think an overhaul in attack is necessarily warranted. Selling Quagliarella is a must, has the occasional impact but at his age he can't offer much more. Gio can still prove people wrong whilst Matri offers a different option to the incoming Llorente.
  45. 10/4 22:21 forzajuve123: Lack of CL experience is what ultimately prevented us from progressing, the younger more inexperienced guys (in Europe) were never able to impose themselves on CL games like they've done in the league
  46. 10/4 23:16 Mr.Mustachio!: We will return next season with renewed optimism and hopefully (Marotta permitting) a much needed overhaul in the attacking positions.
  47. 10/4 23:15 Mr.Mustachio!: It's been a great run, honestly we can't complain I don't think; for our first year back it's gone well, much more impressive than City or Dortmunds recent returns! The Germans were, and I know its cliched, clinical. But in saying that think the aggregate scoreline flattered them somewhat.
  48. 8/4 21:28 juvefan4life: We're going to miss Vidal. He was the only one who was ready to leave his heart on the field in Allianz Arena. I really hope Pogba has the game of his life. We need to win.
  49. 8/4 18:25 Giuvitojuve: I feel as though it'll have to be Giacch. Rather, I'd want it to be. There is no way we'll manage anything on less than "full out attack". If we play this safe, we'll 0-0 or 1-0 our way to a whimpering exit. We'll have to go all out and play for extra time.
  50. 8/4 16:49 bianconero30: I want Giacch, we need players that can create chances
  51. 7/4 23:57 juventusmaravilha: lo scudo e´nostro ora forza ragazzi contro il bayern


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